Workshop content: Adults often do not understand the bitterness of a child’s pain and do not know what difficulties a grieving child has to cope with. A child’s grief is easily overshadowed by the grief of an adult. Children are like forgotten mourners. This workshop will provide additional knowledge for working with children and young people who themselves or their families are in crisis. What kind of care and support can a teacher offer children?

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Characteristics of child grief at different stages of development.
  • Traumatised child – what do I need to know and where can I find help?
  • How do the child’s past experiences affect his/her current behaviour, learning ability?
  • How to increase the child’s internal security and emotional stability?

The working language of the workshop is Estonian.

Workshop Facilitator: The theme will be introduced by psychologist and trainer Tuuli Vellama, who has long experience in working with children and young people. Tuuli is a member of the Moreno Centre and the Crisis Programme for Children and Young People, and a lecturer at Tallinn University.

The workshop is free of charge and all teachers and other professionals working with children and young people in Tallinn and Harju County are welcome to participate.